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Hoarding His Halloween.jpg

Hoarding His Halloween

A Dragon's Mate Holiday


Spice up your holiday with this sexy bite-sized tail from Dragondell…

Ever since Blaise started planning the Halloween Extravaganza, nothing has gone right. The pumpkins haven't been delivered, the Dragon Council is sending representatives, and his best friend is competing for the same promotion. 

Finding his fated mate is the last thing on his mind.
Until she walks into his life.

Myla's everything his dragon wants. Headstrong, independent, and oh so sexy. But she'll have to wait. Too much is riding on this festival. He can't drop everything and chase her, no matter how loud his dragon cries Mine. 

Hoarding his Halloween is a sexy bite-sized tail you won't want to put down!

For a trick-or-treat with some heat, download your copy now!

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