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Dragon's Masquerade

A Dragondell Holiday Short


A short tail of shenanigans from the Dragondell Series!


As problems went, she was a very small one...

But Farryn didn’t have time for problems, he was a dragon on a mission.

Izzy’s Halloween already sucked before the hot guy tried to lock her in the closet…

Why were all the sexy ones crazy?

Stuck in a snowstorm, crashing a masquerade wedding, this little human was in for a dragon-sized surprise.

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Dragon's Feast Cover.jpg

Dragon's Feast

A Dragondell Holiday Short

ASIN: B081L111M9

A short romantic Thanksgiving tail from the Dragondell Series!

Mating a dragon is harder than she thought…
Izzy hadn’t loved her life before, but it was better than an isolated cabin in the woods. Especially since she can’t block the unsympathetic dragon who’s smothering her with his feelings.

What Farryn hadn’t realized was that mating was the easy part. Cohabitating is driving him up the wall. Does he really have to give his powers up for this?

When the devious dragon bent on destroying them goes missing, Izzy and Farryn must work together to undermine his nefarious plans.

Dragon's Yuletide Frenzy.jpg

Dragon's Yuletide Frenzy

A Dragondell Holiday Short


A short romantic Christmas tail from the DRAGONDELL Series!

Sometimes the holidays go desperately wrong... 

As the only mated dragon on the elite team, Farryn knows he has to keep his emotions in check, but that's not an easy task for a dragon in a mating frenzy.

Izzy's idea to spice up his work party with a little fun of their own isn't helping at all. Bless the Fates, she's a hard mate to resist.

When her Empath powers suddenly spark up the heat, he might not be the only one getting burned...

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Dragon's Countdown

A Dragondell Holiday Short


A short romantic New Year's tail from the Dragondell Series!

A countdown to disaster...

Stripped of his powers, Farryn is helpless to protect his mate, not a comfortable position for a dragon. To add insult to injury his feisty mate has a secret up her sleeve.

Izzy's struggling to keep romance in their life with so many secrets between them. She'd love to unburden herself, but the truth might kill them both.

With the dragon council dodging their every move, Kieran hot on their trail, and a life altering secret between them... Will this be their final countdown?

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Dragon's Heart

A Dragondell Holiday Short

ASIN:   B084RNR9K8

A short sexy Valentine's tail in the Dragondell Series!

Stupid Cupid...

With a baby on the way and a new team to develop, Farryn has little time to deal with romance.

If she thought it was lonely before, Izzy had no idea what it was like to face a pregnancy with complications alone.

Now with Valentine's day just around the corner, they both question what they did to get cursed by this particular fate.

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Dragon's Second Chance

A Fated Mate Romance


A sexy prequel novella in the Dragondell series!

First off, he'd been waiting for this opportunity for years...


So, there was no way Gregory was letting the woman of his dragon dreams walk out of his life, again.

But, regardless of her attraction to him, Sarah wasn't risking her heart.

Been there done that.

Now, as they struggle to save her missing student from an evil band of humans, Sarah must work overtime to save her heart.


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Dragon's Acquisition

A Fated Mate Romance


A sexy novel in the Dragondell Series!

She didn't realize her dream job came with a dragon…

Elenor is passionate about her new job, and she will not let an overbearing dragon keep her away from it, no matter how sexy he is.

Aggy is lead of the elite team and doesn't have time for romance, but fate has something up her sleeve.

When an evil band of humans start kidnapping mates, Aggy tries to lock her up.

Too bad she's got other plans...

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Dragon's Rogue

A Fated Mate Romance


A tail of shenanigans from the Dragondell Series!

A rogue brought to his knees...

If there was one thing Becket knew, it was that he loved women. Curvy women, short women, all women.

He didn't mate them, no matter how sexy they were...

Claire wanted out of this town, and had plans in place.

The last thing she wanted was a bossy, infuriating, sexy dragon...

But when the scales hit the fan, a little dragon might be just what the Fates ordered.

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